Print artwork from Shutterstock, iStock, etc.


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High-Quality Canvas

Choose an artwork from one of these online or  istockphoto.comWe will send you a high-quality canvas print of your image, stretched over a rigid board sized to fit your picture frame. Your artwork is coated with UV protective Coating, and the back is finished with a black cover.

How to send us your image

Once you place your artwork order, you will receive an order confirmation email.  Reply to the order confirmation email with the name of the website, image name, and item number you’d like us to print.   If you are ordering artwork for a TV mount that you ordered on a previous date, please include the order number and/or the name in which the order was placed.

How to choose an image with enough pixels

Below is a chart listing the minimum recommended pixels for each model.   As long as the image you choose has at least the minimum pixels in both the Width AND Height directions it will work.  You don’t need to find an image with the exact pixels listed.  We will crop the image that you choose to fit your order, and we will send you a draft for approval prior to printing.


  Minimum Pixels
Model Width Height
M1-32-5 2740 1730
M1-43-5 3240 1950
M3-43-7 3390 1730
M3-50-7 3820 2020
M3-55-8.2 4180 2240
M3-65-8.3 4830 2600
M3-75-8.3 5480 2960