'M9' In-wall concealment - MOTORIZED

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M9 firearm concealment features:
– We provide excellent tech support!  You can call, text, or video-chat with Tech Support.  Our tech support is available most evenings and weekends as well!
– In-wall fit: Fits between standard 2 x 4 wall studs making installation easy. (in-wall dimensions: W 13 in. x H 11 in. x D 3.5 in.)
– Full concealment: Flush mount installation holds a standard picture frame tight to the wall for perfect concealment.
– Magnets & fixtures included: Magnets are supplied that can be placed anywhere in the tray to hold your handgun.  Additionally, this product comes with adhesive-backed fixtures to hang your gun within the tray as well as a fixture to hold a magazine.
– Foam included but not required: Since the firearm is held with the supplied magnets and/or fixtures you do not need to use the supplied foam.  However, this product does come with a foam blank.
Fits any handgun including revolvers: The hidden tray capacity is 11.5 (W) x 8.4 (H) x 2 (D) inches.
– Concealment option 1: You can attach your own picture frame if you want.  Have a picture frame on your wall?  You can install our box behind your existing picture frame and no-one would be the wiser.  There’s no limit to the maximum height, width, or depth.  Recommended maximum picture frame weight = 10 lbs. (higher weight can be accommodated, however, we recommend speaking with us to discuss how this is done.)
– Concealment option 2: Purchase a picture frame from us.  We offer multiple picture frame options to match your style.  Our picture frames come with shatter-resistant acrylic glass and high-density composite wood backer. for increased security
– Concealment option 3: Attach any panel.  For example, you could layer a wall with ship-lap boards, attaching one row of boards to 1, 2, 3, or more of our products side-by-side, then lift the board to reveal your firearms!  This is a great way to hide your firearms with style!
– Made in the USA
– Please feel free to give us a call with questions or to order over the phone.  1-866-448-8897
Various control options
  • –  RF Wireless Button: (Most Common) The mount is operated with a wireless remote that transmits through solids so it can be hidden anywhere within 50 feet.  The button used to open the device is covered w/ a felt pad to make it easy to identify without looking at the remote.
  • –  Smart controller w/ Contact Closure: (Advanced) This option is for advanced installations where an external 3rd party controller (like Control4, Google Home, WeMo, Amazon Alexa, etc) can be used to control our device.
Firearms should always be stored with additional security features such as a trigger lock.

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