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Flip-Around, Manual, w/ Picture Frame

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  • Showing the Flip Around TV mount with optional "Low Profile" picture frame (TV not included)
  • Picture Frame Option - MAX Molding
  • Picture Frame Option - Low Profile

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Price From: $899.00

Please select the frame you would like (Click the picture of the frame to select it). Once you "click" you will see a “blue” outline appear around the picture. The blue outline will allow you to proceed to the next step to pick the mount size.

Have a question, concern, or feeling confused? Please call 1-866-448-8897

Select size based on the size of the TV you intend to install in your Hidden Vision TV mount. (see TV size chart)

Have a question, concern, or feeling confused? Please call 1-866-448-8897

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Price From: $899.00

Try it for 60-days! If you don't like it, return it. It's that simple.

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Try it for 60-days! If you don't like it, return it. It's that simple.

Ask about our FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY promotion!!!  Currently, we are offering a free extended warranty in exchange for pictures, video, and customer reviews.  

Link to instructions:  M3-XX-8.2M3-XX-8.1, M3-XX-8.0, M3-XX-7  Questions? Our Tech Support is unmatched.  You will be impressed!

TV mount flips around to hide your TV behind art
- Installation: Easy 4 bolt installation.
- Cables: Hidden and easily installed. Run along the arms into the wall.
- Picture Frames: Select from multiple options or install your own. (See "Picture Frame" tab)
- Artwork: Install mirror, mat board if desired and any artwork you want. It's easy! (See "Artwork" tab)
- TV Compatibility: Fits most TVs on the market.   (See "Recommended TV Specs" Tab)

Usually, television is one of the first things a person sees when they enter a room. If you’ve ever wanted to hide your TV for protection or aesthetic purposes we have the solution for you. Our Flip-Around TV Mount completely conceals what’s inside.

This non-motorized Flip Around can flip a 65” TV with almost no effort and no home or furniture customization required.

The Smooth 180 degree flip is a straightforward and affordable way to hide your TV. With a picture frame on one side and a TV on the other, the transition from a dinner party to a Super Bowl party can happen in an instant.

Through careful design and testing, we developed this patented design which uses a combination of compression springs, gas springs, and a series of links to counter the weight of the TV, art, and frame resulting in easy, smooth, and simple operation.

Try it for 60-days! If you don't like it, return it. It's that simple. 


The Flip-Around mounts are designed to fit various sizes of TVs (see the maximum dimensions specified below).  If you have any questions or if your TV falls outside these dimensions please feel free to call 1-208-287-8882, click the Live Help box in the lower right corner of your screen, or send us an email.

Here are lists of some TVs that fit and their dimensions:  M3-75-8.2M3-65-8.1M3-55-8.2M3-50-7M3-43-7

Maximum TELEVISION Dimensions & Weight      

TV Mount Model #

Screen Size

Width (Max.)

Height (Max.)

Depth (Max.)

Weight (Max.)


up to 43



Please see the note below



up to 50





up to 55





up to 65





up to 75




Note Regarding TV Depth:   

In general 2.5" is the Maximum TV Depth.   However, it varies depending on 1) the picture frame you choose and 2) the shape of your TV.

If your TV is deeper than 2.5" please give us a call or email us with your model number and we'll check it for you.  

 OPTION 1: High-Quality Canvas

Within the “Shop Product” tab you will find the “Artwork or Mirror” category where you can choose from our images or upload your own!! We will send you a high-quality canvas print stretched over a rigid board sized to fit your picture frame. Your artwork is coated with a UV protective Coating and the back is finished with a black cover. For additional artwork options, you can also visit www.mycamera2canvas.com where you can choose from over 6,700 images.

OPTION 2:  Hidden Vision(TM) MIRROR

We offer mirrors!! Within the “Shop Product” tab you will find the “Artwork or Mirror” category where there will be an option for mirrors that are made explicitly for your Hidden Vision picture frame.

1)      Safety: Our mirrors are backed with a safety mesh backing that is designed to hold the mirror together should it ever break.

2)      Appearance: We finish the back with a black rigid board cover, so that is disguised behind your TV.

3)      Noise Reduction: The two layers consisting of the mirror and the rigid board helps to reduce noise caused by reverberation.

Option 3: Install Your Own Artwork

If you would like to install your own artwork, there are various options available. Please contact us regarding your options and the specific product requirements.

Option 4: Install Your Own Mirror

If you choose to install a mirror from your local glass shop, it must be a 1/8th-inch mirror in width (Not 1/4th inch). The mirror must also have a safety backing product. Please do not install mirror or glass without contacting us regarding additional requirements.

Artwork Dimensions for 200, 400, 986, 1540 & 1541 Series Frames  
TV Mount Model #WidthHeight 
M3-40-7 45-1/4 24-15/16  
M3-43-7 46-3/4 24-15/16  
M3-48-7 51-1/2 27-15/16  
M3-50-7 53 27-15/16  
M3-55-8.0 57-9/16 31-5/16  
M3-55-8.1 57-9/16 31-5/16
M3-55-8.2 57-9/16 30-13/16
M3-60-8.0 62-11/16 33-1/2  
M3-60-8.1 62-11/16 33-1/2
M3-65-6 66-3/16 35-5/16  
M3-65-8.0 66-3/16 35-11/16  
M3-65-8.2 66-1/4 35-3/4
M3-75-8.2 75-5/16 40-11/16


Artwork Dimensions for LOW PROFILE ("LP") Frames (OD-3.125)  
TV Mount Model #WidthHeight 
M3-40-7 43-7/8 23-1/2  
M3-43-7 45-3/8 23-1/2  
M3-48-7 50-1/8 26-1/2  
M3-50-7 51-5/8 26-1/2  
M3-55-8.0 56-3/16 29-7/8  
M3-55-8.1 56-3/16 29-7/8
M3-55-8.2 56-3/16 29-3/8  
M3-60-8.0 61-5/16 32-1/16  
M3-60-8.1 61-5/16 32-1/16
M3-65-6 64-13/16 33-7/8  
M3-65-8.0 64-13/16 34-1/4  
M3-65-8.2 64-7/8 34-5/16
M3-75-8.2 73-15/16 39-1/4


OPTION 1: FINISHED all in one Picture Frames + (Starting at $249)  More InfoVideo

High-end moldings ready for artwork.  Choose the finish and style that fits your taste.  No additional framing needed.  

OPTION 2: UNFINISHED Picture Frame + (Starting at $199)  More InfoVideo

This is a simple and modern frame design that we manufacture here in Boise, Idaho.  It's a great looking frame for a good price. Available in Popular material and sold as an Unfinished LP frame or Extender frames.  The frame is ready for you to give it a personal look. 

OPTION 3: SHADOWBOX Frame EXTENDER + (Starting at $99)  More InfoVideo

This option allows you to install your own picture frame to the face of our extender frame.  (Note: There is a limit to the allowable frame thickness along the outer perimeter.  It's a good idea to contact us to better explain the limitations)   

OPTION 4: No Frame ($0)

If you'd like to build your frame from scratch you can purchase this mount without a frame.  


Picture Frame Outside Dimensions  
TV Mount Model #Frame Width*Frame Height*Depth
M3-40-7 47-3/8 27 ^ Click on 
M3-43-7 48-7/8 27 "more info"
M3-48-7 53-5/8 30 to see frame
M3-50-7 55-1/8 30 profiles &  
M3-55-8.2 59-5/8 32-13/16 dimensions 
M3-60-8 64-13/16 35-1/2  
M3-60-8.1 64-13/16 35-1/2
M3-65-6 68-3/8 37-3/8  
M3-65-8  68-3/8 37-3/4  
M3-65-8.2 68-3/8 37-3/4
M3-75-8.2 77-7/16 42-3/4
*The outside dimensions of your picture frame will vary slightly depending on your frame selection.  Call for more details.