'M3-BI' Flip-Around for Built-in Application (Motorized)

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Interested in hiding a TV in a wall or cabinetry?  Our award-winning* MOTORIZED Flip-Around TV mount is a great option!  This, built-in specific version houses the TV and the Flip-Around mechanism within a space 3 1/2 inches deep so it works well with conventional standard dimensional lumber.  Click on the “Drawings & Manuals” tab above to view our detailed build drawings which will give you all the info you need to design for our system.  Please, freely call with any questions.  We’ve got you covered with access to knowledgeable designers & technical support.


Key Features

  • DETAILED DRAWINGS FOR BUILT-IN APPLICATIONS!  (click on “Drawings & Manuals” above)
  • Unmatched design/tech support!  Call, text, email, or VIDEO CHAT with tech support!
  • Depth required = 3.5″ to work with dimensional lumber.
  • The adjustable wall stud mounting brackets slide left and right to align with your studs.
  • Install up to 6 cables (3 per arm)
  • Sizes available for 40″ to 75″ TVs (Refer to recommended TV specs.)
  • Robust motors; powerful and built to last.  Internal springs counter the weight of the TV and panel so the motors operate at a fraction of their capacity.
  • Tied and true product!  In production since 2013, solid construction, diligent quality control, complete instructions, and knowledgeable tech support.  We’re confident you will not be disappointed.
  • Quality construction. Made of heavy-duty steel. Pivot points feature lubricant impregnated bearings for low maintenance.  Durable powder-coated finish.
  • Every product is tested prior to shipment.
  • Well thought out design.  If something doesn’t seem right, there’s probably an adjustment to correct it.   Send us a video or set up a video call and we’ll walk you through exactly what to do to address whatever you’re encountering.
  • With our Smart Controller option, you can control through your smartphone, Alexa, Google Home, and more.  You can also integrate this controller with your home automation systems via contact closure.  Additionally, this controller includes a button that can be mounted behind your cover in a way that allows you to trigger the Flip-Around to open by pressing on the bottom of your cover panel.
  • Wireless RF Controller option: Control with a 3 button wireless RF remote (open, close, stop) 

More Helpful Resources 

  • Looking for TECHNICAL DRAWINGS? Click on “Drawings & Manuals” tab above for Drawings and Installation Instructions.
  • Videos of example built-in projects (Link to YouTube playlist)
  • Installation Overview VIDEO – (Note: This video is meant to prime you with a basic understanding of the installation process. Refer to your model’s instructions book for specific details)
  • Contact us to discuss your project.

Dimensions & Construction Details for Built-in Application

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS (for built-in applications): Please keep in mind there is design flexibility in regard to electrical location, weight capacity, size, construction method, stud locations, and more so don’t feel discouraged if the drawings do not exactly match your needs.  Give us a call to discuss your project and we’ll tell you how to make your dream a reality.

Installation Instructions.

Note: For layout dimensions specific to a built-in application refer to the construction drawings linked above.

More Helpful Resources 

The Flip-Around mounts are designed to fit various sizes of TVs (see the maximum dimensions specified below).  If you have any questions or if your TV falls outside these dimensions please feel free to call 1-208-287-8882, click the Live Help box in the lower right corner of your screen, or send us an email.

Maximum TELEVISION Dimensions & Weight              
TV Mount Model #

Screen Size

Width (Max.)

Height (Max.)

Depth (Max.)

M3-43-7 up to 43 38.3 23.0 Please





M3-50-7 up to 50 44.5 26.0
M3-55-8.2 up to 55 49.0 28.6
M3-65-8.3 up to 65 57.75 33.3
 M3-75-8.2 up to 75 66.75 38.5

Note Regarding TV Depth:

In general 2.5″ is the Maximum TV Depth.   However, it varies depending on 1) the picture frame you choose and 2) the shape of your TV.

If your TV is deeper than 2.5″ please give us a call or email us with your model number and we’ll check it for you.

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